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I did not buy a dog directly from this breeder. Her dogs are my dog's grand parents. I recently got an extended pedigree on my girl's mother and I am HORRIFIED at what I have found!!!! It is hard to even list all the instances of inbreeding that Lisa's Fancy Dals has done!!!

The sire's pedigree in question here is Marbet's Toby (my dog's grandfather). Toby's parents are half siblings. Toby's mother is the result of a female being bred to her father. Toby's grandfather was produced using two dogs that were half siblings. This is the WORST pedigree I have EVER seen. I mean, it's not just one instance of inbreeding, it is over and over and over again!!! It is SICK!! And it was all done by Lisa's Fancy Dals!!! This lady has horrifying breeding practices and has no business breeding dogs!!! PLEASE see the attached picture!!! I have edited out all but Toby's pedigree info to protect my identify from retaliation by Lisa since I have read she stalks her puppy buyers and threatens to sue anyone who reveals the truth. I do not know if it is true, but I have also read she gives the puppies she in unable to find homes for to rescues, sells puppies with known health issues and more (see link below).

Please, please, please do not buy from this breeder! She needs to be put out of business!!!! For the sake of the poor puppies she will breed with health issues because of this, please stop her by refusing to help her make money! I am horrified and heartbroken that she would do this to her puppies :(

She is located in Madison, North Carolina.

Her website:

Please see here for more frightening complaints:

Reason of review: Horrid breeding practices.

Preferred solution: Adopt responsible breeding practices or STOP breeding!!.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1236477

Wasn't to sickening was it Wendy Healy? Pretty sure you were hand and hand with Sara Rhodes Hinson Rebelette, Terri Stigall and Jennifer Hause when they sent two pastors here to get Domino and then breach the contract on him.

You should've been smart enough to know his puppies will never be AKC puppies so shame on you. Maybe you should stop writing book and start reading them.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1236471

Wasn't to sickening was it Wendy Healy? Pretty sure you were hand and hand with with Sara Rhodes Hinson Rebelette when she sent the two pastors here to buy Domino.

You will answer also that I know.

If you were so *** smart you would know my dogs weren't even old enough in 2012 to be grandparents what a ignorant thing you are. Maybe you should stop writing books and maybe start reading them.

Eden, North Carolina, United States #1067215

This site should be called Jealous Consumer's instead of Pissed Off consumers. My mom always said when people talk about you, first you kill'em with kindness because they are just jealous of you.

So True! You are only posting here because Puppyfind wouldn't let you because none of you had any proof.

Eden, North Carolina, United States #1067173

All I'd like to say to you. If you had bought a dog from me then you might know the names of my dogs.

Please do your research because not any of my dogs are listed on your Fake drawn up pedigree. Geez you don't even know what my dogs names are. Just lucky for you people believe anything they read. I'm sorry I don't and I don't have time for you are your games.

I think if I was you I would have atleast posted my name. No just another *** hiding behind a computer screen.


Ridiculous Accusations!!

I HAVE purchased 2 puppies from Lisa's Fancy Dals, so let me address a few of the points you've made in your "informed critique".....although my use of "informed" is very sarcastic.

1. None of the dogs listed on the pedigree you've shown were bred by Lisa.

Your dog's grandfather (Marbut's Toby) looks like he is a littermate of the mother of one of her current dogs. Lisa did not breed that mother. So that claim of yours in ABSOLUTELY FALSE! I have proof of my statements and I also referred to the OFFICIAL AKC registrations that I have for my dogs.

2. Exactly how many pedigrees of purebred dogs have you actually seen? I myself have seen several (for Dalmatians as well as other breeds). There is no purebred pedigree that I've seen (out of several) that does not have repeated dogs making an appearance.

I think you need to research the difference between linebreeding and inbreeding. Linebreeding is very common in every purebred line. I would assume that since you consider yourself a "knowledgeable" person, that you were aware of this before making accusations on the subject.

I can only assume that you are not knowledgeable; therefore, you have not business accusing anyone of anything.

In short.....Do your research, have your facts straight, and be knowledgeable of what you speak before making an accusation of this nature. You are only making yourself look ignorant!!

to happy #1010091

Bravo!!!!(No sarcasm) :)


I HAVE purchased a puppy from Lisa's Fancy Dals and I must say I have one of the best dogs I have ever had. For someone who HAS NOT purchased a dog from this breeder and to attack her and her business the way you have is unbelievable.

You can post it but then you hide behind it.

When I purchase my previous Dals, the breeders took the money from us and never looked back. I tried to keep in communication with them, but they never answered my calls. My pup from Lisa is now 3.5 years old, has never had a health issue, but I keep in constant communication with her. Any question any one of the puppy owners has is always answered by her.

She is very knowledgeable of the breed and if she doesn't have the answer she researches and finds the answer.

What you have posted has nothing to do with her or her dogs. The OWNER of the dogs on the pedigree are the ones who were at fault. You had no right to post her name or website on this blog. You have crossed the line, and now are Cyber Bullying.

GROW UP and leave her alone..... Back yard..... Don't think so.... She takes care of her dogs better than most people take care of their children !!!!

Go back to your computer and pick on someone else, because I will continue to defend her and you can bet if you post again I and all other proud parents will be there to respond to your so-called blog again.

By the way.

If you have never purchased a puppy from her how do you know what health issues if any her dogs have. Also the pedigree you have doesn't look real to me.

Mine looks a lot different from yours and mine came from the AKC. GET A LIFE AND LEAVE HER ALONE !

North Carolina, United States #877926

I'm not sure who you are, but shame on you!!!!!

Lisa's fancy Dalmatians purchased her dog perdita from the people who had the inbreeding in THEIR line.

It looks like her dog might be the litter mate of your dogs mom.

Seeing as how you had no trouble in accusing Lisa of doing something she did not do, I'm sure you will have no problem in being as vocal in APOLOGIZING to Lisa's Fancy Dalmatians !!!!!!!!

If not, let's talk about Sickening!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1056553

What is sickening is how many times Perdita has been bred!!! Poor dog! And I know for a FACT Lisa's Fancy Dals sends dogs out with FAKE BAER testing because it happened to me.

to Anonymous #1067168

What a lie Michelle Bricker! You and I both thought she was a Uni that is what Dr.

Hughes put on her paper work and that was on her tracing also which went with you. When she can back to me (remember you returned because you said you wanted to go to beauty school and didn't have time for her) it was a line drawn threw it that said she was Bilateral Deaf. What happen was you thought you were going to breed her to Vinny until you met your show breeder friend Jennifer Hope. That would be the breeder I would be worried about ( Health Testing are not she's got a lot to learn)..

Only having 6 puppies and one of them get's a broken leg. You morons I've had 22 puppies at a time and all of them were very well taken care of no dislocated bones here. So please sweep your own doorstep before you worry about mine. I'm calling your names because I don't behind a screen and post a pack of lies.

I'll address the other pack of lies you've posted very soon. Sorry I have a life! If you don't know how many poor litters poor Perdita has had and if you don't know are understand she wasn't even bred until her 3rd cycle please don't worry about my kids. Precious was your dogs mother and I'm sure when you came here you seen my dogs where outside.

Living better that most children do. I still have a copy of Mona Lisa's tracing and I'll be more than happy to show the world that. It's a line through it and it's not Dr.

Hughes handwriting. Contact OFA and see what they tell ya.

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