Windsor Heights, West Virginia

I have one of Lisa's Fancy Dals, she is going to be 5 years old in March 2016. This child of mine has to be the best mannered, loving, happy, and healthy puppy I have ever had.

My husband and I lost our last dal 5 years ago to diabeties. We searched the web for a puppy and found one we were very excited about in NJ. When I talked to the breeder, she was not the friendliest woman and told me that when the puppy's were born the first person to respond to her email would get first pick. Well to say the least that was a poor way of letting progressive parents know that they were born. So we searched again and I found

LISAS FANCY DALS. I called her and was very impressed as to her knowledge of the breed. She talked to me for well over a half an hour about the adoption process and explained that she would send the CONTRACT for us to look over and sign. Now from what I understand most GOOD BREEDERS have spay and neuter in their contracts. Also the contract stated that if FOR ANY REASON we could not keep our pup that the dog would GO HOME TO THE BREEDER, not given to someone else or to a rescue. That was the breeders choice if she felt to do so.

She explained that sometimes puppy's (usually females) may get a UTI and to watch them when they were outside to do their business.

She explained the BAER testing process. Now I have had 2 Dalmatians prior to this one and NEVER had a breeder mention this process.

My husband and I traveled from Northern West Virginia to pick our baby out and was welcomed into this breeders home with welcome arms. The kennels outside were clean and very well taken care of and NOT one was chained to a tree like some SHOW BREEDERS DO! Her dogs had so much room to run and play in. Her home was spotless and all the puppy's were romping as they should have. We picked out our baby and returned to pick her up several weeks later. Lisa handled each and everyone of the puppy's as they were growing up and that is why my girl is so loving , she gives the biggest hugs and kisses.

I have no idea why some of the people are bashing her, she is NOT a stalker as they have stated. She simply follows up on the progress of the puppy. She contacts each owner to confirm that their puppy has been spayed or neutered as it states in the contract. I have to say she hand picks each owner with care. She DOESNT just TAKE THEIR MONEY AND RUN TO THE BANK !!! Like most breeders do.

My previous Dalmatian came from a breeder in Roanake, VA, and she kept her puppy's in a chicken coop outside !! I tried to contact her after I took her home and she would never respond.

As for health issues... I believe out of 121 puppy's, their have been 6 deaf and 7 uni's out of all of them. She does NOT euthanize her deaf pups. IF YOU HAD A DEAF CHILD WOULD YOU HAVE HIM OR HER PUT TO DEATH ??!! Other health problems are very rare with her puppy's. I know of maybe 2. But you must also realize health issues are not the breeders fault.

You should not blame the breeder for health issues, most of the time it is the way YOU the owner is taking care of your dog. Such as the food you feed them(table scraps, cheap foods, raw diets etc), or the hygiene ( bath, clean bedding, nails clipped, ears cleaned out), being aware of their enviorment( what is growing in your yard, cleaning up after your pet etc.).

BEING A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY not the breeders fault for problems such as behavioral and health issues.


If you have health problems yourself, do you blame your mother or father for them ?? I for one had cancer.. I DO NOT blame my parents for this.

We all have problems, but they are ours not anyone else's and should not be blamed on other people.

The people who are bashing Lisa really need to get a life.

The accusations are far fetched and just down right false!!!

why they call her a backyard breeder is beyond me.

I have known Lisa for 4.5 years and am in constant contact her.

She gives me advice if I need it. She is available to all of her puppy parents at all times if needed.

Lisa has always been honest and upfront with all of her parents and has never hidden any known health or behavioral issues.

I for one stand by her and am so grateful that she chose us to be Daisy's Parents. We love our baby so much and would not give her up for ALL the money in this world.


One Happy and proud Spotted Mother

Stacy Hornick

West Virginia

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Fantastic breeder.

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